<h2>The liquid gold of Morocco</h2><p>The argan oil is not reffered to as Morroccos liquid gold for no reason. It takes up to 10 hours to produce a single liter of oil. In thousands of years the secrets of argan has been known to the berber woman in Northafrica and till this day the oil is extracted almost entirely with their hands . Argan Wonder is solely about these berber woman and the pursuit of their development in the region.</p> <h2>The berber woman behind the oil</h2><p>The argan oil is produced on the slopes of the Atlas mountains, Morroco by non-profit making associations that strive to improve the situation for woman in the region. These associations are the largest employers for the women there and with your help we hope that that continues!</p> <h2>The authenticity of the oil</h2><p>We strongly protect our products authenticity. All of our products are therefor tested and authorized before it reaches Sweden. No additions or preservatives are added to our argan oil. The oil is certified and approved by NormaCert and IGP to be 100% ecological and authentic. It is also constantly bought in, so nothing in our stock is kept for more than five months.</p> <h2>Arganoil in purest form</h2><p>*100% Argan oil. 100% ecological<br />*No product is older than 5 month<br />*A miracle product for hair and skin</p>

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